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Touch Screens and EPOS Solutions

Touch screens from being sophisticated interfaces are now common-place thanks to Self Service checkouts, ATMs,Tablet Computers and Smart Phones. Your customers will expect touchscreens to be available at your store and outlet and having them will only add to your appeal and bonding with your customers.

Shelfguard Systems represents leading manufacturers of touchscreens and can bring you the right equipment for your business. We also provide equipment and software for billing, loyalty programmes and stock control and can integrate hardware and software for a smooth running system at your outlet.

Our team is trained and experienced in the installation, servicing and support of these equipment and software. Our network of offices places us close to you for quick response and servicing.

Shelfguard Systems reviews and selects products that are tried and tested. We have thirty years of experience in setting up and supporting point-of-sale systems. We can tailor systems to meet specific requirements of your business.
"We deliver the right equipment for the application and guaranteed support with expert staff to clear any potential problems."