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EPOS Systems for Retail Businesses

As retail evolves and upgrades advanced technology in its operations, Shelfguard Systems helps you upgrade your systems and electronic point-of-sale IT equipment with the best in industry. It is increasing important for retailers to have updated and contemporary electronic point-of-sale equipment that is well integrated with software into the store's billing and customer service systems.

Shelfguard Systems represents the best manufacturers of electronic point of sale (EPOS) including Aures, Casio and Sharp, amongst several others. These manufacturers have tried and tested equipment which we can blend with advanced software to keep your sales and billing systems in step with the leading stores and retail chains in Europe. Research has shown that efficient and elegant electronic point of sales systems can be a large contributor to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Just as it is important to have a smiling and charming team at the till, equally important is having the right equipment for billing and checkout.

Contemporary design, touchscreen interfaces, integrated customer displays and handheld terminals are some essential requirements for any store. Shelfguard Systems represents a range of manufacturers and can mix and match them to suit your specific needs. We also have a trained team who can service and support your systems year after year, ensuring that you are in step and current with the demanding needs of today's customers.

So whether you are a Store, Stadium, Garden Centre, Multiplex or Convenience Store, we have the right systems for you.

Shelfguard Systems reviews and selects products that are tried and tested. We have thirty years of experience in setting up and supporting point-of-sale systems. We can tailor systems to meet specific requirements of your business.
"We deliver the right equipment for the application and guaranteed support with expert staff to clear any potential problems."