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Our Products

Whether you're starting a new business and need something to handle taking payment or you've been thinking about upgrading your current operation.... Simply give us a call for some friendly advice and to discuss your requirements

We only use tried and tested products from leading manufacturers, which ensures trouble-free operations, contemporary product design, accurate and efficient service. We integrate equipment and software to meet specific needs of our customers. Our team is available for training, service and support to ensure that your point of sales systems run every day reliably and efficiently, assisting you in delighting and retaining your customers.

We supply products from these leading manufacturers and software vendors:
  • Aures
  • Casio
  • ECTouch
  • ForPOS
  • GuestMaster
  • TouchPoint
  • Samsung
  • Sharp
  • Star

Shelfguard Systems reviews and selects products that are tried and tested. We have thirty years of experience in setting up and supporting point-of-sale systems. We can tailor systems to meet specific requirements of your business.
"We deliver the right equipment for the application and guaranteed support with expert staff to clear any potential problems."