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EPOS Systems for Hospitality Businesses

Shelfguard Systems provides electronic point of sales (EPOS) solutions for restaurants, night-clubs, pubs, hotels and take-away outlets ensuring quick checkout and accurate billing systems on your counters.

We work with the leading hospitality businesses in the UK and Ireland, equipping them with systems and IT equipment and infrastructure for billing and customer service, ensuring that they have the right systems for happy customers. We represent a range of manufacturers, each with cutting-edge equipment and systems which are tried and tested and designed for the UK market. Our team with three decades of experience will help you choose the right equipment and match them with the required software to ensure that you have the right systems for your business.

Our loyalty systems can be valuable in customer retention and repeat visits. We provide the hardware, software, training and the support that you need to run your business efficiently.

Shelfguard Systems reviews and selects products that are tried and tested. We have thirty years of experience in setting up and supporting point-of-sale systems. We can tailor systems to meet specific requirements of your business.
"We deliver the right equipment for the application and guaranteed support with expert staff to clear any potential problems."