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EPOS Systems for Retail and Hospitality

Serving Berkshire, Buckingshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, London, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Rest of UK and Ireland

Electronic Point of Sale Systems (EPOS) are critical in providing efficient customer service and integrating sales data into business systems for accounting and reporting. Retailers and hospitality businesses need to have control over their business processes and deliver efficient customer response to remain competitive and build brand loyalties.

For every business, using the right product is essential for smooth operations of systems and availability of the right data for decision making and monitoring. Shelfguard Systems will help you review and select the products that will integrate well and evolve as the right solution for your business. We will put together the hardware and the software, guide you through the selection process, explain technical specifications and nuances and train your team to use these systems.

We are then available for any support that you may need in the usage of these systems. Our EPOS systems come from the best of manufacturers worldwide and our team is trained in the use and servicing of these products.

EPOS Systems from Shelfguard can give you the assurance of reliable, trusted and smooth running operations for your business. Trust us to be available to tackle any emergencies that you may have. Our network of offices places us near you and we respond quickly to emergencies to ensure that your systems are up and running.

Our range of EPOS systems are sourced from these international manufacturers:
  • Sharp
  • Aures
  • Star
  • Casio

Shelfguard Systems reviews and selects products that are tried and tested. We have thirty years of experience in setting up and supporting point-of-sale systems. We can tailor systems to meet specific requirements of your business.
"We deliver the right equipment for the application and guaranteed support with expert staff to clear any potential problems."